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I don't think there is any greater misrepresentation of quality workmanship then what you see often in the construction and performance of most showers. As far as tile installations go there is no greater area of failure than water containment (showers and tub areas) because of improper materials and procedures. In many publications people are advised to prevent water damage by making sure that they tend to cracks, voids and areas of missing grout. I find this very disturbing because some grouts and almost all backer boards including green board and even cement board are not waterproof, especially to the point of not preventing wicking of moisture and or just absolute disintegration. This being said,checking for and doing constant maintenance becomes ridiculous and futile if it is constructed incorrectly initially.

Improper construction and the procedural order of construction and or poor specifications or design In the area of waterproofing presents a tremendous liability issue. The leaking or seeping shower can cause structural damage to your home and mold problems beyond belief that are not easily visible and remedied. Most insurance companies are excluding mold coverage from their policies this leaves you the consumer with a very expensive and always inconvenient repair bill.

Homeowners do not want their roofs, doors and windows to leak and pay a great deal of attention to these areas during construction and home maintenance to prevent water penetration, yet little or no attention is paid to proper shower construction simply because the majority of people (even most contractors) don't understand how this construction is to be done properly. Most people think if it looks good, it must be good and they don't understand how quickly, given the wet conditions, a shower can deteriorate and fail. The fact is that a shower used once per day for 12 minutes gets 250 times more water in a year then your roof. If this water ends up anywhere other than down the drain, your problems begin and expand quickly and in many cases not obviously.

There are specifications by ANSI (American national standard Institute), the TCA (tile Council of North America), the NTCA (national tile contractors Association), and the national plumbing codes for proper construction of your new shower. We not only meet, but exceed all specifications and take great pride in our trade, our years of our ever-growing experience, ingenuity and quality standards  to which we adhere . Whom ever you select to do your project, make sure they know, really know what to do. It is more important then you realize. We are here to do the best job because we know how and we care!